Images taken from the series VEDEMA and ANAMA




The images of this collecton were made in the Greek Islands of Santorini and Tinos.

The project for Tinos was initiated by Athens based Talc Design Studio and it was commissioned by a local group of entrepreneurs. The idea was to project the unseen part of an island more famous as a religion center, with thousands of pilgrims visiting every year the shrine that hosts the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary. From the rough, weather beaten northern part of the island, to the milder south, the landscape opens a door towards an emotional interpretation of its form, in terms of a constant metamorphosis that started with the first awakening of consciousness of the first settlers of the island, thousands of years ago, and it continuous to this day through our very own eyes. The doors that so secretly open to our intuition, they permit an introspection of our relationship with nature, the revelation of consciousness and the liquidity of form. This addresses our own primal experience, not as individuals, but as a continuous presence that witnesses the whole structure of existence, continuous within the ever changing forms of its illimitable manifestations. The landscape of the Greek island of Tinos preserves, within the imposing austerity of its form, the memory of its primal, conscious experience. An island shaped by its myths. A landscape that is a myth of its own.

The project for Santorini was commissioned by Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort, one of Santorini's most unique and prestigious hotels, built around a 400 year old winery made of dark volcanic stones, in coperation with interior designer Stamos Hondrodimos from InteriorDesignLaboratorium. The island of Santorini rises like an enchanting secret, both hidden and revealed, both real and mythical, wrapped in the captivating drama of its prehistoric volcanic creation. The  Spirit of fire still wanders among the black rocks of the island, reciting an ancient, hypnotic poem, vigorously narrating the story of its origin through the hieroglyphics that the lava ecstatically engraved in the untamed land. A strange, murmured voice that enchants like a Siren's song echoes from the steep cliffs of the Caldera; this song is the sound of the muddled, common memory of our very own origin. It is the sound of a whispering that escapes the crater, the deep blue sea, the irregular cracks in the scattered stones, the dark lunar soil, the carved caves, the breathing of the grazing horses as they dream of their mythological ancestors; Eos, Aethon, Pyrois and Phlegon, the horses that carried the chariot of god Helios, the ancient personification of the Sun. For in this island everything is somehow linked to a dream.Dreams are a part of a subconscious that the island itself seems to project on our thoughts, this primitive seduction that connects us with a forgotten Hesiodic theogony, ritually offering to our senses the sacred philosophy of imagination.